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About us

The company "ES Trans Group 928" LTD is an international forwarding company offering a full range of services in delivering your goods under the "door to door" by sea, road and rail, as well as forwarding goods at the ports of Odessa and Ilyichevsk. During working process with clients we act not only as a cargo carrier from the place of loading to the place of discharging but also as a department of logistics, taking into account specific requirements of every single client, developing most beneficial schemes of cargo delivering, foreseeing also avoiding possible delays and additional charges on all way of the movement of cargo. Working with us, you'll always receive in-time information about your cargo.

More than 9 years "ES Trans Group 928" LTD successfully operating in the market. During this time we have achieved a lot, but the foundations of our work remained the same. We are aiming at long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, based on professionalism and reliability.

The basic efficiency of our work is customer’s satisfaction in delivering cargo. At your service, all our knowledge and whole accumulated experience by our experts. We're not only use the best of it but also constantly developing and improving in order to maintain highest level of service.

We are convinced that collaboration with "ES Trans Group 928" LTD will be another stage to the path of prosperity our joint business!