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Our services

  • International container transportation
  • Flexitank
  • Tank container
  • Ground transport
  • Port forwarding
  • Services for FEA
  • Customs brokerage

International container transportation

Container transporting is a modern and the most efficient form of transportation which is used in international communications. We deliver cargo on conditions "door to door". Using such scheme we're relieving our clients from all problems related to the administration of the carriage and customs clearance of a cargo.

Sea transport provides regular delivery goods into Ukraine. Due to the great number of contacts with shipowner’s companies and sea lines “ES Trans Group 928” LTD carries out marine transportations on the most the most appropriate schemes and terms. On any route we're offering focused shipping service.

The main directions of activity company are:

  • providing services in organizing the intermodal transport;
  • providing freight forwarding services in the ports of Odessa / Ilyichevsk;
  • transporting cargo by sea, road and railway transport to any destination in the world from ports Illuichevsk / Odessa;
  • customs clearance of import-export and transit of goods;
  • certification and documentation support of cargo;
  • insurance of cargo transportation;
  • providing temporary storage place for goods under customs control;
  • market analysis and market research in freight forwarding services;
  • consulting in logistics and customs clearance.


For those who want to save on transportation costs of various NON-HAZARDOUS liquids (water, wine, oil, non-hazardous chemicals, and so on) we offer an alternative type of tare - Flexitank.

Flexitank basic specification

  • Flexitank is a lightweight disposable plastic packaging, used for storage and transportation of liquid foods and chemical products, considered non-hazardous according to the IMO (International Maritime Organization) requirements of the capacity from 14,000 to 24,000 liters.
  • Sandwich Flexitank structure of for bulk liquid cargo transportation in containers consists of inner "light" layer of edible polyethylene, which serves as liquid reservoir and maintain hermiticity, and outer "solid" layer, which consists of polypropylene, providing load impact absorption that occurs during cargo transportation.
  • It is designed and suitable for transportation by road, railway and marine transport in a standard 20-feet ISO (International Standards Organization) container, which significantly reduces packaging costs (barrels, bottles) and improves performance of handling process.
  • Since it is disposable tare, it does not require the cost on its cleaning and return. Simply remove it from the container and dispose of.

Procedure of cargo transportation using Flexitanks

  • Checking the technical condition of the container (the year of manufacture, absence of cracks, deformations and so on).
  • Make sure the container is intended for transportation of non-hazardous cargo.
  • Flexitank loading into the container (attachment of the corrugated paper and chipboard to the walls of the container and installation of rolled metal at the door of the container, securing of inlet valve, alignment of Flexitank in the container, and so on).
  • Flexitank filling with liquid using a pump.
  • Closing and sealing the container.
  • Container handling.

Variety of flexitank’s sizes allows choosing the right, the best way of transportation of various cargos.

Tank container

Tank container (or bulk tank) is often used for transportation of HAZARDOUS chemicals, more rarely – non-hazardous.

Tank container basic specification

  • The container is made of stainless steel and is resistant to acids, chemicals transported, has capacity of 12,000 – 35,000 liters, equipped with a drain valve, as well as heating system.
  • The tank container is transported in the same manner and means of transport (water, railway, road transport), as standard containers, but can carry up to 30% -50% more cargo in one container compared to transportation in barrels in standard container.
  • It excludes the loss of cargo, because the product is not subjected to trans-filling during transportation. The entire "door to door" transportation is made in the same container.
  • Products transported in the tanks containers:
    • Technological cargo (chemicals, oil products, industrial oils, oil, salt solutions, liquefied gas (LPG tank containers), paints).
    • Food (fruit juices, alcohol-based liquids, milk, food supplements, mineral water, table oils), and more.

Choose our company for transportation of goods, because our delivery in the territory of Ukraine is accompanied with comprehensive information support and consulting of the client. We operate not only as executants who deliver the goods from point to point over Ukraine or over the whole world but also as a logistics department that develops rational delivery scheme over Ukraine and to other countries, anticipating and preventing the risks associated with transportation of goods.

Ground transport

"ES Trans Group 928" LTD ensures the delivery of goods by road in various cities and regions of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, and Russia and other CIS countries. Pricing policy is focused mainly on the selection of optimal solutions between price and quality of transport services. Our managers will advise what vehicle suits to your demands, how to ensure delivery to the warehouse and other important things.

Here is list of issues which we can explain:

  • delivering goods by road to different cities of Ukraine;
  • delivery of any shipments from the warehouse to the car for further shipment by rail;
  • ensuring safety for transported goods;
  • constant monitoring of the location of the cargo;
  • cargo insurance against all risks.

Railway transport

We will give recommendation on optimizing conditions of transport process and paperwork. The conclusion of contracts and agreements for forwarding service transit transportation, import, export and domestic transportation of goods in Ukraine with forwarding service.

A computerized process from receipt of the request and until final passage of goods through the territory of Ukraine and CIS provides the following services:

  • service for tracing goods;
  • gives information of transfer and the passage of goods through border crossings;
  • processing of transport documents;
  • providing payments to the centre "Gostransobsluzhivanie", clients and Ukrainian railways.

Port forwarding

Port forwarding includes:

  • preparation of documents for the cargo (container) under the Ukrainian legislation and regulations prescribed in the port, in accordance to the state organizations which are demanded for the issuance of vehicles from the customs control zone - PP \ AP, IM40.

Check out list of mandatory documents required, and also instructions for the correct filling.

  • on-time feeding a transport for loading container for further processing out of the port. Giving a tent, ref. vehicle to implement the separation (repacking) or transshipment of the container and movement various consignment to multiple consignees;
  • holding sampling of cargo, for the certification (UKRSEPRO, SES, etc.), laboratory tests (customs laboratory), to obtain information about quality of the goods;
  • obtaining a certificate of conformance, opinion of SES, other permits essential for the import of goods into the territory of Ukraine.

Services for FEA

The company "ES Trans Group 928" LTD provides the client with any legal counseling related to foreign economic activity, implement a full range of services from advice on purchasing goods by Ukrainian companies in other countries to the conclusion of external economic contract as well as customs clearance issues (customs clearance of goods) in Ukraine.

A list of the main activities of "ES Trans Group 928" LTD allows our customers get the desired financial results, thus ensure the competitiveness of their goods.

We are optimizing schemes of delivering various goods in terms of customer's needs, from the loading at the factory to the final destination, and we are always ready to provide you this service.

Customs brokerage

  • Determination of the customs code and import duty;
  • a preliminary calculation of the cost of goods;
  • preparation and control of documentation for the export-import operations;
  • services for customs clearance at the Odessa port;
  • accreditation of the client company at customs department.